Where do I start?

For years if you asked me I would have told you that you can get everything you need from food. While I still believe you can in an ideal environment (and that it is not as complex as many nutritionists lead you to believe), it seems like there is a small number of people who can claim an ideal environment from which to get all you need for a healthy body.

What I’ve come to not just learn but experience in my personal life is that we are now so under attack that we need to not only supplement to make up for what our food cannot provide but to combat the systematic poisoning of our air, water, food, electromagnetic fields and almost every modern product we are exposed to.

If I was to recommend where to start I would suggest you start to look at 3 things;

1.  Stop the Toxicity – get off processed food what I call the Lethal Recipe which included anything white that wasn’t white without extreme processing. Processed; white grains, white sugars, white salts, white oils and chemicals. 

2. Start to Nourish – with whole organic or biodynamic foods that are S.L.O.W. Seasonal, local, organic and whole. If you are in a climate where you can’t grow year round try to eat as the people in the area you are living 200 years ago. Yes, easier said than done and don’t expect to do it overnight but start the process. I have plenty of tools and resources at www.sweetfreedomlife.com and our YouTube channel. 

3.  Choose a Supplement Protocol – that makes sure you have the vitamins and minerals your body requires and that can help you eliminate toxins while protecting your body from harmful environmental toxicity. If you need help with this you can book a Living Immunity consultation where we address all of these steps and you get a $200 credit for supplements.

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