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Terrain Theory vs Germ Theory

Did you know that Lois Pasteur was on his deathbed he denounced germ theory and had acknowledged the legitimacy of Terrain Theory? Do you know how much of our world financially benefits from Germ Theory and if was debunked how much of our medical system would potentially collapse?

When you are faced with a paradigm shifting theory it can take time to not only sink in and to be able to articulate the theory. Not to mention fully comprehending the ramifications of such belief systems. It can tip your life upside down. It did for me even though I could not just appreciate how much sense it makes but it has explained so many things that never had proper explanations for. 

Do you live in a Friendly Universe or Unfriendly Universe?

I remember Wayne Dyer telling me that Einstein said the above question was one of the most important questions you will answer.  I believe that this is demonstrative in the Terrain vs Germ theory conversation. 

Germ Theory is the unfriendly universe. You are the victim to unseen things that are determined to attack, take over and kill you and must wage war on these small unseen (to the eye) things and create toxic concoctions to kill them. 

Terrain Theory is the friendly universe. The body is set up with millions of mechanisms that are designed to heal and repair and your job is to keep as clean an environment as possible for the body to do its job. Bacteria, germs and viruses are all a part of the body’s incredible healing and repair system. 

The best illustration to demonstrate this is with a sick fish in a dirty fish bowl.  Germ theory would medicate the fish, while terrain theory would have you clean up the water.  It’s much easier to give and take a pill than clean up the environment you live in and create in your body but the former may treat a symptom but in most cases creates another problem or more to clean up. 

Living Immunity is all about creating the healthiest body and home to live in. While the clean up process is daunting we have resources and coaching to help you along the process. It not only is the best path but the one that leads to true healing and health and no supplement no matter how good it is is good enough to compensate for a ‘dirty fish bowl’. 

My favourite Terrain Theory expert is Dr. Thomas Cowan. If you don’t already know him get ready to have your mind blown or at least expanded if you’re already familiar with Terrain Theory. 

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