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01. living immunity consult

What do you need?

Are you looking to improve your immunity and don’t know where to start?

Sherry will do a consultation to find out how you can build your immunity along with and beyond supplementation. When you book a session with Sherry you get a $100 credit for supplements on this site (not including shipping).

Sherry will look at what you are eating and how to upgrade and tweak it to make the most of your supplement investment. 

The session comes with ebooks by Sherry that contain recipes and strategies to help you start to build natural immunity right away. 



02. beat food addiction

Sweet Freedom Coaching

Sherry has helped thousands of people heal their relationship with food, reverse diseases and build robust immune healing responses in their body by returning to eating real food naturally. She would LOVE to help YOU too!

If you’ve ever struggled with making healthy food choices and felt sugar and food is stronger than you, this 7 week coaching program is for you. 

The Sweet Freedom Coaching program is designed to get you to a level of health mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually so that 4 weeks into the program giving up sugar and addictive foods becomes easier than ever. Using HyperNourishment and the principles/strategies she has taught over the last 30 years you will find a renewed relationship with food, your body and nature to build strong immunity naturally. 


03. Lifestyle makeovers

Live Strong Naturally

For the truly dedicated Sherry will come to you and help you sort out every aspect of your life to be set up to build living immunity from the inside out. 

If you know you need help beyond online coaching and supplements and are highly motivated to expedite your healing and wellbeing then a lifestyle makeover with Sherry might be the right choice. 

Sherry will come into your home and family to set up every facet to help support your health and total wellbeing. From health audits to cooking classes and farmers market tours Sherry will set up your entire life and family to support strong immunity building your health with living things using HyperNourishment and the strategies that work. 

POA starting at $5000

What’s good for the body is good for the planet and what’s good for the planet is good for the body.

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