Sleep…getting enough?

sleep... are you getting enough?

Do you have problems sleeping?

Do you have problems getting to sleep or do you fall asleep and then wake up unable to get back to sleep?

Forgive me if it sounds like bragging but one of the things I’ve historically been Olympic level good at is… sleeping.
We are talking Gold Medal level good at.
However, when the Covid business started my sleep was seriously impacted.
Nights where I couldn’t get to sleep. Nights, where I’d fall asleep but then wake up at 2 or 3 am and couldn’t get back to sleep.
It was torturous.
I have massive new empathy for insomniacs.
But here’s a piece of information rarely covered.
You can think you’re getting a good night’s sleep if your body is full of sugar and processed food when in fact it is a coma-like state overburdened processing all of that.
In my sugar-drugged days, I would sleep the night through as if in a sugar coma but wake up feeling groggy, almost drugged. Like ten more hours of sleep would not help.
If your body is digesting while it’s meant to be resting the end result is that it doesn’t get to the place of restoration. An important process that we typically spend a third of our life doing.
High-quality sleep is easy to diagnose; you wake up feeling refreshed, alive and happy. If you’re not waking up feeling this way it’s likely your sleep game could use an upgrade.
So if you’re not getting enough high quality sleep here are some tips to give you the gift of sleep;
  • Stop eating after 8pm, earlier is better.
  • Eat clean meaning cutting out the Lethal Recipe. The less complex and processed your food is to digest while the more nutrient-dense it is the better your sleep will be.
  • Sleep in a dark room devoid of electronics.
  • Turn off the WiFi and your phone during your sleep hours.
  • Get a good pillow right for your neck and sleep patterns (I searched for years and finally realized that for my back sleeping and flat back of my head fluffy pillows did not work and that a relatively flat pillow was best, it was a sleep game changer for me)
  • Eliminate electronically generated light in your vision 2 hours before bed so that means television, phones and computers.
  • Name your stressors and start to deal with them.
  • Prayer and/or meditation along with 432Mz music to quiet your mind before bed.
  • Avoid stimulating drinks after 3pm. That means caffeine or alcohol or complex processed ingredients.
  • Don’t take Vitamin D or B after 3. If you are getting your D after 3pm you are telling your body the sun is out and it can disrupt sleep. Most Vitamin B can be stimulating and interfere with sleep but B6 in small amounts can be helpful.
  • If you’ve been using sleeping pills for sleep consider moving to a more natural sleep aid that won’t create more problems than they solve while you work on getting a good sleep naturally using the above tips.
We live in a world and time where there are literally thousands of things that can impact your sleep. So while this list is nowhere near exhaustive it can still be overwhelming especially if you are struggling with the above things.
Here’s my suggestion; take on one at a time. Pick the easiest and do that tonight. Then tomorrow night take on another. The next night another and so on.
I feel in my body that 5G interferes with sleep and the research shows it. My sleep issues started when the towers were being put up. Unfortunately, I’m not a sniper or munitions expert able to take the towers down but there are choices I can make that can mitigate the damage they are doing.
Most of what I suggest above is within your control and power.
Take control of what you can.
My favourite John Wooden quote is ‘Do not allow what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”
I wish you the consistent gift of regenerative sleep.
Love and hugs,
P.S. If you are still struggling with sleep after doing all of the above then you may benefit from booking a discovery call with me where we can strategize what you can do and how to do it.

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