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We are keen to answer any questions you have but in the interests of not doubling up we will be compiling and answering the most common questions here. 

So please have a read and if you don’t find the answer you are looking for please email your question to

Thank you!


Please see our refunds and return policy. 

Simply put, we are not accepting returns based on preference or suitability, only for damage reasons. 

The reason we are doing this is that they supplements are exactly what they say they are and work depending on a myriad of factors we cannot possibly account for or have any control over. 

Most people never return pharmaceutical products because they don’t work. In an ideal world I would make all of these products free so refunds are not even necessary. Unfortunately I don’t have the Bezos fortune to do this though I assure you if I did this is how I would use it (not on space joy rides). 

That really is a ‘how long is a piece of string’ kind of question. Even though I sell supplements I have a precautionary approach to incorporating them into your life. 

I suggest you start with the basics and build in what suits your health issues and goals. 

Starting with 20 supplements ‘just in case’ is not wise in my opinion at the very least because it is hard to know what is working and making a difference. 

That is where a consult can really help you make the right choices for you and your body. 

I advocate for a wise approach with time to listen to how your body responds versus a fear based approach. 

Stop taking it and start to observe your body. 

Also, look at if you’ve introduced anything else new to your life. Could be a meal you ate out, even foods you normally eat can have ingredient changes that cause reactions. 

If you just stop taking it without really listening to your body and observing what else is going on then you may be missing out on a potential healing tool. 

Some reactions are actually detoxing symptoms that if you take the time to investigate you will be able to learn to distinguish if it is that or a true allergic or bodily rejection reaction.  

Wise supplementation is a process that requires observation and patience. It is not a quick fix strategy though in some cases of malnutrition people can experience this. 

I do have supplements I recommend that are not on the Living Immunity site for  people I believe whose circumstances require them when they do a consultation with me.

At this point with Living Immunity I’m not able to source all the supplements that I believe we need and there are some that are critical for healing toxic ingredient injuries that I will likely not have in this range but do recommend when I know the exact circumstances and profile of an individual.

If you would like to book a consult please check out the services page. 

All of the supplements are as safe as any other high quality supplement but I would only give them to children under the guidance of an educated health practitioner who knows about the value and efficacy of supplementation in conjunction with their medical history and present overall health.

We are meant to eat together, the social context in which we eat is as powerful as what we eat.

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