A Few Words

About Us


A Few Words About Us

I started Living Immunity in my mind in April of 2020 with this illustration and the belief that whole body resilience and immunity starts in the soil. Humans are one of millions of species on the planet and our survival depends on us understanding the respect, reverence and interconnectedness of all species.

I’d been working on a formulation for a blood sugar immune support since 2016 when I started Sweet Freedom Life which was dedicated to helping people beat sugar addiction. When the Covid business started I went through extreme stress and found that my normal organic unprocessed diet wasn’t enough given the environmental stresses I was experiencing.

I needed help to build and protect my body from the onslaught and went on a search to find quality products that I truly felt made a difference in my body. After months of searching and testing I found the products I had the confidence to put my name behind and that I truly believed would not only help me but those I care for.

A personal note From Sherry Strong

“While I’ve held roles of influence such as sitting on boards that advised the Australian Government on public health policy, in 2020 I stepped into the most important and meaningful roles of my life.

When Covid hit I lost 100% of my income as a speaker and started to do lifestyle makeovers/private cheffing as I once did with the rich and powerful. It was extremely challenging work dealing with these clients! 

In November my sister asked me if I would set up a home and help take care of my parents. My mother is disabled and my aging father could no longer care for her on his own. With the level of care and forced vaccinations happening in aged care homes I could not bear to see them go into one of these facilities so I moved from beautiful BC to cold locked down Northern Alberta.



In March I put my hand up to help care for a friend’s newborn great-niece which together with looking after my parents brought a light and meaning into my life that I could never walk away from.

This meant I needed to transition from a life of travel to work to be at home where I could care for them. While I registered the domain name LivingImmunity.com in April, 2020, it took me until mid 2021 to bring all the pieces together and I’m genuinely excited to bring the entire concept together. Great quality supplements, Wholefood eating support and Food/Immunity Coaching. 

I want to help people build up the strength and resilience of their body so that they can survive challenging times and deal with the stress that is literally one of our biggest threats as a species.
Every product I’ve chosen has been carefully deliberated over to make sure it will help you build immunity and navigate challenging times successfully.”

Why choose us

We believe that the human body is a biological being designed to coexist in a natural world and is healthier for it. The farther we deviate from nature as a species the weaker and more vulnerable to breakdown and disease we become.

We don’t believe that supplements alone can do this and a wholefood plant biased way of eating chemical and minimal processed way of eating is the best for all species on the planet. But right now we are facing a deluge of environmentally toxic threats daily that survival right now means we have to used extraordinary tools to protect ourselves. I look forward to the day when the only supplements we need are those we take directly from the ground but for now navigating these challenging times has required resources in the form of supplements to help fight the effects of the poisoning of our air, water, soils and food as well as the electromagnetic frequencies we are vulnerable to.

Limit chemical and laboratory interventions – eat organic, biodynamic and SLOW 

Seasonal, Local, Organic and Whole

Move and get out in nature

Drink Spring water or naturally filtered water – affiliate link to Berkey Water filters

Surround yourself with people you love and care for and who love and care for you.

Find meaning and purpose in service to others

Make sure the work you do does not hurt others including other species

Accept personal responsibility

Decide to live in a friendly universe where good and love wins

Believe in something bigger than yourself

Work meaningfully


A weed is simply a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered

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