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We believe you are a whole human; physical, mental, emotional,  and spiritual and that all these aspects impact your wellbeing so supplementation alone is not the answer to what ails you. 


Hypernourishment is the concept we use to treat the whole of you and why it is essential to make your supplement purchases truly effective.


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If you are looking for quality ingredients in your supplements that are rigorously tested and contain the best ingredients from quality producers then Living Immunity is a great place to shop. 

Living Immunity is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality ingredients and information that helps us build immunity naturally through elements from the earth that support life and your body’s natural ability to heal and protect itself. 

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Immunity first

The first question I ask when I select a supplement formulation for Living Immunity is does it help support immunity naturally? 

Quality is Equally Important

If the supplement helps the body by supplying healing ingredients from nature I then ask if those ingredients are the highest quality I can source. 

Affordable Pricing

When the above two criteria are met I then work to provide supplements at the most reasonable cost I can to sustain business while providing value. 

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Blog Posts

Sleep…getting enough?

sleep… are you getting enough? Do you have problems sleeping? Do you have problems getting to sleep or do you fall asleep and then wake up unable to get back to sleep? Forgive me if it sounds like bragging but one of the things I’ve historically been Olympic level good at is… sleeping.   We

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General Health


The heavens have opened! We discovered the World’s Best Diet. You may be confused at this point as my philosophies have always championed an anti-diet approach. Don’t worry, we’re not turning on you.

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General Health

Where do I start?

For years if you asked me I would have told you that you can get everything you need from food. While I still believe you can in an ideal environment (and that it is not as complex as many nutritionists lead you to believe), it seems like there is a small number of people who

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